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Taxis Combined Services (TCS) is the largest taxi network in Australia, with over 2,500 vehicles servicing the Sydney Metropolitan area.

We have a range of vehicles, including:

  • sedans, seating 4 passengers
  • station wagons and
  • maxi taxis ( seating up to 11 passengers)

Taxis Combined Services can assist with general taxi fares, airport drop-offs and parcel deliveries.

Visit Taxis Combined website.

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9 Responses to Taxis Combined

  1. Lauren O'Keeffe says:


    Today I caught a taxi from Glebe Point Road at 10:30am and went to the Sydney Domestic Airport and was dropped off around 10:50am. It was a white station wagon taxi. In the front seat of this taxi cab I left an sealed Alannah Hill bag with tights/stockings inside. I was wondering if they are able to be sent to my current address – I am happy to pay for postage. This is very important. May I please contacted ASAP via the email address provided above.

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  2. Teresa says:

    Hi just wondering why the online bookings no longer have Newcastle suburbs on it. Tried to make an online booking tonight but was unable. Thanks

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  3. mr walters says:

    booked a cab to go to mechanics to pick up my car after 40 minutes rang and checked my booking and told the first available cab would be there soon and after another 40 minutes rang again and was told it shouldn’t be long,two hours later still no cab.
    the trip was only a short trip of 4klms and your drivers thought it not worth while doing but what realy gets me is that three taxis from combined passed me going in the other direction and when i tried to flag the down they just ignored me and would not turn around and pick me up and yes they were vacant.
    I would never consider taxis combined again and i intend to bring this to the
    Transport N.S.W when i am there on monday as well as writing to the minister for transport.

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  4. Aelred Rodrigues says:

    I got one of your taxi’s from Stamford Hotel Mascot to 1 York Street and in five minutes after I got off I realised that I had left my prescription reading glasses in a case in the back seat. The Taxi number is T2023 and Driver ID 135. I called your office and they took my details on the lost and found documentation. It seems the taxi driver was called up and the glasses were not found. I am very surprised! Please can you speak to the taxi driver again and request him to search once more.

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  5. My father, an 87 year old man needed a taxi to visit the doctor. We were told “first available” with no time estimate given, decided to go along and wait outside as we have a long skinny driveway. That was a mistake.

    No taxi after waiting 15 minutes in cold wind. 20 minutes after initial phonecall. We were later told “no cabs in the area, transferring you to StGeorge”. No thanks, too far. Never went, We’ll drop him off tomorrow…

    You need more taxis in the shire!

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  6. Dorothy Piotrowski says:

    Needed to arrive at the station on time for a train to the airport.
    Rang this taxi service, was told that it would be arriving shortly as I advised I needed to be at the station at a specific time.
    30 mins and no taxi. Rang again and was told the job was passed to another taxi vendor. Rang them and asked when the taxi would arrive and that taxi combined had passed this query on. Was advised there was no request for pickup.
    Missed my train. Really did not appreciate it.

    Will not use this service again

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  7. Robert says:

    If you don’t get the service from the driver and you find them rude, take their number and report them to the Taxi Council in each city, in Sydney the Phone No: 9332 1266.

    Don’t waste your time calling the base of the cab company as they won’t do anything.

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  8. Stephen Blaxland says:

    On 20th Dec 2013 we caught a Premier cab to airport. It cost $70.27 . The same trip in reverse direction on 22nd Jan 2014 with same number of passengers and luggage cost $100 with Combined. Could you please explain why this would be the case? Thank you

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  9. kellyanne johnson says:

    I book a taxi on a regular basis. (always to go to work) I waited over an hour for a cab I called back twice after booking on-line, I was told one had not accepted my booking even though available cabs had passed me and did not stop on waving them the down, the call centre said they were waiting for a confirmation and would call when one was on its way. I never received a reply nor a cab. I ended up walking in the rain to my destination and was late. hours later I still never got a call nor a cab as promised in the rain . I booked for a cab 40 minutes in advance. why book on-line when the service is not reliable?

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