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Legion is Showing The Way for the Sydney taxi industry. With a fleet of more than 500 cars across Sydney we deliver service that wins awards. Boosted by the latest MTDATA dispatch technology our new system integrates GPS to provide drivers with precise address location.

Plus you’ll love our FREE SMS service to alert you on arrival. It’s all part of the best ever Legion booking experience.

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16 Responses to Legion Cabs

  1. michelle says:

    Recently I’ve experienced a very bad cab experience! Cab drivers are not only required to be able to speak and understand English and knowing the directions, but they also need to be monitored for their quality of service and service attitude.
    On Thursday the 2nd of June this year, around 4:50pm, I caught a cab from Sydney Central Station. It’s a silver cab from Legion Cabs. When I told the driver nicely that I was going to Alexandria, the driver lost his temper and got very upset and started to wig about its being too close and how unlucky he was… I had to calm him down. This driver’s license no is TX or FX 7099. I got really pissed off that day!
    It’s a joke seeing this kind of services happening all the time in Sydney! My suggestion is…the cab driver’s license should be taken off from the bad drivers if numbers of complains made to the same drivers.
    I’m writing to complain, and hope to see the services to improve.

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  2. jeff powell says:

    what is the cost from randwick to balmain for two people at 3oclock friday

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  3. jeff powell says:

    cost of fares

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  4. ian wilson says:

    It was my understanding that it was illegal for cab drivers to smoke in the vehicle they are driving.
    Berry Street, North Sydney – 2.56 pm Legion Cab 448

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  5. Lisa says:

    I would like to thank the legion cabs driver who drove all the way back to return a forgotten bag of mine at home.

    I got a taxi from sydney airport to North Ryde on 29th Nov 2011 around 9pm and left a carry bag in the car. While I totally forgot about it, someone rang my doorbell around 11pm, it was the taxi driver! he just handed it to me and left. I was too surprised to ask for his name after saying thank you, can’t remember his numberplate and driver ID.

    Just want to post it here to let everyone know there are still many good taxi drivers around and hope he will somehow see this message.

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  6. Joey says:

    To michelle i wana tell that u can’tblame the legion network for the silver services since it is operated by combined network and not legion, but what i don’ t understand is why no one from legion has actualy replied to u???!!!!!

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  7. Reinier says:

    Took a taxi T4261 from International Airport to Seven Hills on 3th MAy 15:29.
    Driver advised me to take M2/M7 + harbour tunnel route due to easier traffic.
    I agreed and we went through ED, Lane Cove tunnel and M2.
    They cost me $157 !! (fare $116.50 + toll $25 + credit card fee $15).
    What drive me nuts was their claim for toll charges of $25 while I know for sure they would only cost $13.38 according to Sydney Orbital Network.
    Be aware.

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    • Ken says:

      Airport toll $3.75, eastern distributor $6.17, Harbour toll $4, Lane cove tunnel $3, M2 $6 , M7 2~8$ , taxi driver simply past on the cost and does not keep any of it. I regularly take a taxi to the airport from North rocks and back

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  8. James says:

    Today Had the worst taxi experience EVER. Booked a legions cab to cabramatta and when I get there the guy starts swearing watta DUMBFK

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  9. James says:

    Legions cab t207 is a dumbass friend says he took a taxi to cabramatta for $10 when i had to go for $40, Watta rip off and guy starts swearing asking for his fking money. That bitch is an asswipe. he said give him the fking money and hell take you to the bus station.
    Fk him

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  10. lorraine says:

    a legion cab just dropped my neighbour off from hospital ..4..52 pm..got out the car an urinated on the driver side door..looked around an saw my neighbour watchin him..didnt notice me..could not get hes rego was a station waggon ..we live on the opposite side of the road,, wat im goin on about am going to take it further is that he drove 3 doors down an shook his fist at my elderly neighbour in a threatening mannor if he son had been home he would not have threat anyone..if she dose not report it to the police tomorrow i will… i dont care wat he urinates on but to threaten my elderly friend is not on…

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  11. Neve says:

    I am commenting to inform you of an upsetting incident that occurred this morning with one of your telephone operators.

    I rang Legion Cabs at 08:20am looking to book a cab to take me into the city centre. After being on hold for some time (which I was completely fine with), a woman answered. She spoke very quickly where I couldn’t hear her question properly so I politely asked if I could book a taxi please. Her response was “God Damn woman, I have asked you 3 times, PICK UP ADDRESS!”. I replied with “I’m sorry but you only asked me once and I didn’t hear what you said” to which she cut me off and continued to say pick up address. That was fine, I let it go. I continued to tell her the number of the block and the street. She responded very sharply with “suburb”. That was fine. I responded with the suburb and the cross section road which I have been asked for on most occasions when I ring Legion Cabs.

    The woman began to shout and I do not exaggerate when I say shout, “ARE YOU STUPID WOMAN, do you not know how to book a taxi?!! You say the unit, the address and the suburb.”

    As I needed to be in a meeting in the city, I hadn’t the time to risk arguing with this woman for fear she may not book me the cab so after a lot of lip biting I calmly told her my full address as she wanted it and left the conversation at that.

    Now I know this all might seem trivial but from a person who has never made a complaint before in her life, I hope you will understand that after putting that phone down, I was left feeling angry, stupid (as she so nicely called me) and belittled. I don’t think I have ever encountered such unprovoked rudeness in all my personal and professional life and I have encountered some characters.

    My friend rang Legion Cabs 2 weeks previously and they too encountered a woman with the same attitude. Who knows, it could have been the same person.

    I have always relied on Legion Cabs. I just felt there is a need to highlight this woman’s attitude to your potential customers as it is your great reputation that would be at risk with her being the first point of contact. Only for I was in a major rush this morning, I would have not made the booking.

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    Rating: +1 (from 3 votes)
  12. Paul says:

    To the LEGION CAB driver of T777 who was illegally parked on the corner of bridge and Young Street Sydney on the 22/5/2012 at 9\21:12 pm.
    You are an inconsiderate idiot with a foul mouth. The driver of the bus (like hundreds of bus drivers) had to get around that corner; but because of your stupidity and selfishness, he couldn’t. Despite sounding his horn you completely ignored him. When he did get around he opened his door and (quite rightly) informed you that he had your number and would be reporting you. You wound down the window of your LEGION TAXI and yelled several times “YOU CAN HAVE MY DICK IF YOU WANT”.

    Firstly, the elderly passengers on the bus were shocked and embarrassed by your vulgarity. You and LEGION CABS should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Secondly, You were in the WRONG, and had no right to be parking your LEGION CAB in an illegal and DANGEROUS POSITION.
    Thirdly, one passenger offered the driver the use of his magnifying glass, should he have chosen to take up your offer. He politely declined suggesting that if your penis was as filthy as your mouth, it would be in the communities interests not to spread you any further.
    It is intended however, to spread your verbal filth to the relevant authorities including NSW TRANSPORT, as you are clearly unworthy of a Public Passenger Vehicle Authority Card.

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  13. Lisa says:

    My 16yr old son was walking with his 2 friends when a legion cab driver (cab light was on lit for hire) pulled up along side of them and asked if they needed a cab, they said they only needed to go the the next block, cab driver offered to take them. They travelled less than 1km, them cab demanded $20. I son notice the meter was off, can question the fee. Cab driver then demanded they pay or he will kill them, the terrified boys paid him and he speed off in a legions white wagon at Mortlake Ed to Bayard road concord 18/8 at 11.30pm. Middle eastern driver with glasses and facial hair. Why are there arragot untrustworthy cab driver given the license to rip people off… They should think of themselves lucky to be in the country. Can can companies should teach there drivers some manners , respect and humanity

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  14. Maria says:

    I caught a legion cab last night at 11:40pm from Broadway shopping centre to Padstow. The driver of taxi T252 took me around the world. Normally cost me $70 or less and I would have expected the bill to be lower knowing that at 12midnight there is no traffic, unfortunately I ended up paying $99, such a rip off!

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  15. Michele says:

    I have used Legion Cabs for nearly 40 years but after this morning’s experience I WILL NEVER DO SO AGAIN and I will RECOMMEND THAT NONE OF MY FRIENDS OR ASSOCIATES USE THIS COMPANY EITHER.
    After making a prior booking for my husband for an URGENT emergency appt at RPA with a p.u. time of 8.20am I was constantly told that a taxi ‘would be on its way shortly’. I rang numerous times within the next 45 mins only to be told that I would get the first available taxi in the area. Yet I had BOOKED one for the specific time. To add insult to injury the last young girl I spoke to from Legion Taxis obviously thought the whole thing to be comical! In the end I had to resort to emergency transport.
    …..And Legion Taxis call themselves a service!!! Shame on you for your lack of professionalism and care!!

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