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2 Responses to North Suburban Taxis

  1. Michelle says:

    We waited for over 1 hour for the taxi and missed a dinner booking! We called 3 times and on a automated response were told we were being prioritized. Apparently cab had taken someone else and not the booking. Will definatley not be using this company again. Will also let friends know from Nz and Perth not to use this company!

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  2. Richard Riddell says:

    Thank you for ruining the end of my daughters wedding tonight.l prebooked a cab on friday for 11.30pm on saturday pick up at bridges restaurant in Hurstbridge for 2 people to be taken to the Langham hotel at Southbank.
    I was advised that the driver would confirm via text when he arrived. A cab arrived at 11.30 and other people from the venue got into the cab and it left leaving the bride and groom stranded. At no time did I receive a text from the driver and he obviously did not confirm the fare with the passengers that he drove off with.Despite several people trying to call your company to rectify the error no responce was received. What a disappointing end to an otherwise beautiful day for the newlyweds. After half an hour of trying to contact your company relatives had to delay their trip home and take the couple to their hotel.
    What poor service from your company. I will certainly be making my feelings known on social media as well.

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