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Premier Cabs offers a quality Sydney taxi service including Maxi Cabs, Airport Taxis, Prestige Taxis and a high quality online booking solution. Servicing the Sydney metropolitan area Premier Cabs strives to be the fast and friendly solution for a Taxi in Sydney.

Register to My Cab to book a taxi with simple and easy steps and have everything saved for your next booking or download or desktop icon and be one click away from booking a Premier taxi.

At Premier we recognise that we have two customers to serve in Sydney, our taxi passengers, our taxi operators and our taxi drivers. We are constantly striving to ensure the highest level of service for all our customers and are committed to making Premier Cabs your choice of taxi.

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9 Responses to Premier Cabs

  1. Sharon Baker says:

    I’m am trying to get a copy of a cabcharge receipt from the 19/4 from Macquarie street Parramatta to Stephen St Blacktown at 4pm in the afternoon I have contacted your company numerous times but having no luck could somebody contact me back plz
    I need the copy of the receipt to go with the cabcharge docket for work

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  2. karima sansoni says:

    I had an accident when a taxi reversed into me at Baulkham hills.I managed to get up very quickly from the ground and the taxi driver said he did not see me as he backed on to Windsor road. I was walking on the pavement. I was shaken but not badly hurt at the time but developed shoulder pain later. Please tell your taxi drivers to pay attention to pedestrians when reversing out of pick up addresses. The driver was lucky I got up before he ran me down and also lucky I was not a child walking on the pavement.

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  3. Kataraina Hamilton says:

    Worst taxi service ever. Every time I wait for a taxi with a capsule it i always without a doubt up to an hour to an hour and a half wait. Radiculous as I have shopping and 3 kids that end up tired and cranky after waiting for 20 mins. Highly dislike and really need to do something about the waiting time.

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  4. Ron says:

    T696 driver uniform white shirt black jacket red tie blue trousers RED shoes. What a joke.

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  5. Steven Thomson says:

    Worst cab service ever, rung and booked cab. Hour later no cab, call to check and told cab taking job hour later still no cab no call what crap service. Now over 3 hours later no call no txt nothing. Useless

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  6. Akilan says:

    Online booking is a waste..I booked couple of times and never had it. Calling call center is again waste have to wait and no response. Bad experience.

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  7. Taylor says:

    Called to book a taxi – ‘Marrilyn’ took my call – extremely rude. Taxi 1hr later after calling twice to see when it would be there. Taxi driver was extremely rude aswell. first and last time using premier cabs, i will now get a bus lol.

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  8. Benjamin Amos says:

    I left my phone on a taxi, it’s password I’d 0000, how do I get it back?

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  9. Debbie Bennett says:

    Preordered Maxicab for Saturday night for pick up at home to restaurant and then poick up from restaurant drop back home. 9 people…booked several days in advance as advised. On the night no maxicab turned up at either end. Called Premier as they had adv ised if no maxitaxi was avaialble they would send cars. They sent nothing i had to call several times at either end and only 1 taxi turned up after 1/2 wait then anaother 1/2 hour after that at the restaurant they only sent 1 car. Luckily one of ours friends was able to drive so made 3 trips to take everyone home. No point making a booking. They only put the call out at the time no prebooked cars & no guarantee of the maxicab. No contact made by company to advise either . Would not recommend & will never use again.

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