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3 Responses to South Western Cabs

  1. Mel says:

    I am making this complaint due to 2 nights running, I called South Western Taxi’s and on both occasions the taxi’s never arrived. 1st incident was from an address in Ingleburn at approximately 1am to get me home, the 2nd incident was for my uncle who had just arrived in Sydney and caught a For further reference I will not be using South Western Cabs.

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  2. rhiannon barnes says:

    how do i mae a complaint about a driver?

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  3. Jennifer Lord says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Jennifer Lord and I am 62 years old and have been quite a regular customer of South Western Cabs over the last 22 years.

    Yesterday evening (7.12.2014) at about 6.35 or 6.40 pm I took a South Western Cab from the cab rank at Ingleburn to my home at 8 Brett Place Ingleburn. I had a trolley full of groceries with me. A cab was waiting with one of your regular drivers – unfortunately I did not get his name. I found his attitude towards me appalling. In a cheerful manner I said “just up to Brett Place thanks”. This particular driver has driven me home on a number of previous occasions so he knows where I live. He loaded the groceries into the cab, roughly sent the trolley flying about ten feet into the trolley bay at the rank, and drove me to my address. However, at no time did he greet me or speak until we pulled into my driveway when I asked the fare and he replied “$8.60″. I gave him $10 and said “that’ll be OK thanks” (meaning I did not require change). He did not drive as far into the driveway as he could have (it’s not a difficult driveway to negotiate). It was still raining after a storm and rather than drive further in the driveway and leave the groceries near the step at the front door (about 10 bags), he put them in the middle of the lawn on the edge of my property so that I would have to pick them up and carry them up the front path and inside the house. I said words to the following effect “Would you mind carrying them to the bottom step please”. He picked up about three or four bags and dumped them unceremoniously at my front door in a spot that meant I would have to pick them up again to open the door. The rest I carried myself. Again, not a word was spoken.

    At this stage, I’d had enough of his rude manner and said words to the following effect, “Mate, if you don’t like the job, don’t do it”. His response was a very churlish “It’s not my job to carry your shopping” and he drove off. Maybe it’s not his job to do so, but I gave him more than the correct amount, he obviously had a problem before I got into the cab which I’m sure was not my fault. I’ve found most of your drivers to be courteous, friendly and helpful over the years, but I thought this particular experienced driver should have known better and was not offering good service or representing your company appropriately.

    Yours faithfully
    Jennifer Lord

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